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30 More Ritual Baths to Be Built in Europe
8 Tevet 5774
Polish Ambassador to the EU Informed General Director of the EJA
27 Tishrey 5774
Will "Jewish wars" sabotage the fight against Polish Shechita Ban?
27 Tishrey 5774
kosher slaughtering
27 Tishrey 5774
Rabbis Forum Meets in Bucharest
15 Tamuz 5773
The Rabbis of Europe: “Stop Whitewashing Incidents of Child Molestation”
7 Iyar 5773
10 Shvat 5773
European Businessmen: "We′ll Pay All Legal Costs to Mohel in Germany"
4 Elul 5772
Forum for Young Rabbis Founded in Budapest
12 Av 5772
Muslim and Jewish groups denounce German circumcision ruling
26 Tamuz 5772
RCE representatives praise Montenegro’s diversity, award PM Lukšić for promoting Jewish community
10 Sivan 5772
Dutch Chief Rabbi Receives Honour from the Queen
18 Iyar 5772
Ashton Criticised as European Ministers Pay Tribute to Massacre in Toulouse
1 Nisan 5772
Mazal Tov: Hamburg Has a Rabbi
15 Shvat 5772
Montenegro Jews Recognized
15 Shvat 5772
Judaism to be official religion in Montenegro?
28 Elul 5771
28 Elul 5771
Montenegro Will Recognize Judaism as an Official State Religion
20 Elul 5771
Ten Year Anniversary Conference
3 Elul 5771
Ansip at meetings at the European Commission: we support a strong European Union
23 Tamuz 5771
European Rabbis Call on the EU to Cancel Kosher Labeling Laws
2 Tamuz 5771
RCE to Hold Conference at the European Parliament
14 Sivan 5771
Estonian Prime Minister Promises to Fight Kosher
7 Sivan 5771
RCE delegation presented Polish President with Matza
14 Nisan 5771
RCE delegation presented Polish President with Matza
14 Nisan 5771
RCE Proposes a "Rabbinical task force" to Teach Holocaust
22 Shvat 5771
Conference of Italy’s Rabbis Concludes in Milan
11 Shvat 5771
First Chief Rabbi to Albania
7 Tevet 5771
EU Ministers reject kosher labeling amendment
2 Tevet 5771
RCE Delegation Visited Estonia
24 Kislev 5771
Israeli Minister Mergui Visits “European Ministry of Religious Affairs”
18 Kislev 5771
The Rabbinical Centre of Europe’s Large Mikveh Project
18 Kislev 5771
RCE Provided Arbaa Minim to 23 Countries
4 Heshvan 5771
RCE’s Traveling Sofer Sta”m Completes Another Successful Trip
8 Tishrey 5771
EU Commission chief vigorously condemns anti-Semitism
7 Tishrey 5771
Hungary′s oldest synagogue reopens
4 Tishrey 5771
Interview with the Mayor of Amsterdam
22 Elul 5770
Dutch Chief Rabbi calls for more education in fight against anti-Semitism
16 Tamuz 5770
RCE calls the sentence given to Rubashkin disproportionate and sinister
11 Tamuz 5770
Sivan Issue of The Rabbinical Forum
7 Sivan 5770
RCE outraged by a petition created to pressure Israel
21 Iyar 5770
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