8 Sivan 5778 , 22/05/2018

Special Children’s Program for Chanukah

06/12/2016 6 Kislev 5777

The program, prepared in a do-it-yourself format, was intended for independent use by community rabbis or teachers. An instruction booklet and accompanying materials were included.

Special Children’s Program for Chanukah In preparation for the important days of Chanukah, the RCE’s “Morashah” division prepared a special workshop for children, one which a rabbi or rebbetzin could operate independently.
Click on the link below to find an instruction booklet for running the program, and accompanying materials to be used in the program. The booklet includes all the activities that the rabbi or rebbetzin could use in a children’s Chanukah program. In addition, you will find a folder containing slide presentations and various other files to be used with each individual activity. For those activities in which materials were handed out to the children, we have translated the material from Hebrew into English, French, German and Russian.
Because this is the second workshop in a series, we are asking every rabbi who has used the program to contact us with feedback, comments and suggestions about it. The program package is distributed free of charge and may be passed along to others.

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