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Seminar on Jewish Family Life

11/01/2016 1 Shvat 5776

Dozens of rabbis from across Europe participated in a two-day seminar in Milan, dealing with Jewish family life and family purity, sponsored by the RCE.
Seminar on Jewish Family Life
Numerous requests have been sent to the RCE’s presidium from rabbis of communities and cities in Europe, asking for a course of study on the practical halachos of Jewish family life and family purity. In response, the RCE, which is dedicated to assisting European rabbis in their holy work, decided to sponsor a two-day seminar on the subject in Milan, Italy, as this was a convenient location for all the rabbis. The seminar was subsidized by RCE.

The rabbis, who had come from every corner of the continent, heard detailed shiurim delivered by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Raskin, dayan in London and a member of the RCE’s Rabbinical Council. Rabbi Raskin is known for his expertise in these halachos. He explained the halachos using many case studies as examples, and the rabbis gained a clear understanding of the entire subject of Jewish family purity and its practical applications. He also presented complicated cases that had been brought before the generation’s leading halachic authorities, and he explained the solutions that were discussed for these situations.
The rabbis also had an opportunity to hear a lecture by Dr. Eliyahu Schussheim, director of the Efrat Foundation, titled: “The Jewish Outlook on Medicine and Psychology as It Affects the Family.” Dr. Schussheim held the rabbis spellbound with his presentation and his description of out-of-the-ordinary situations that actually took place.

The chief rabbi of Milan, Rabbi Alfonso Arbib, welcomed the rabbis attending the seminar. Joining the visiting rabbis were Rabbi Gershon Mendel Garelik, Av Beis Din of Milan and member of the RCE’s presidium; Rabbi Moshe Lazar, one of Italy’s veteran rabbis; Rabbi Avraham Chazan, a rabbi in Milan and a member of the RCE’s Rabbinical Council; Rabbi Moshe Shaikowitz, a rabbi in Milan; Rabbi Yosef Momigliano, chairman of the council of Italian rabbis; and Rabbi Levi Chazan, a rabbi in Milan.

At the end of the two days of intensive lectures and classes, the participating rabbis expressed their appreciation to the RCE for providing these courses, adding that they had gained much practical knowledge in many areas. They also thanked the RCE for subsidizing the seminar and for its general readiness to offer assistance in any matters that benefit European Jewry.

Rabbi Aryeh Goldberg, deputy director of the RCE, explained that this seminar is part of a series of seminars and conferences that the RCE sponsors each year, in its efforts to preserve Jewish life in Europe and to assist its Jewish communities.
The rabbis thanked Rabbi Avraham Chazan, who hosted the event, and Rabbi Levi Chazan, for his assistance in organizing it.

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