18 Sivan 5779 , 21/06/2019

Rabbi David Moshe Lieberman

Chief Rabbi, Shomrei Hadas community, Antwerp, Belgium
Rabbi David Moshe Lieberman Rabbi Lieberman was born in Cologne, Germany, before World War II. When he was still very young, his family moved to Antwerp. In his early years, he learned in the Yesodei Hatorah School, and at age ten he began studying in the Etz Chaim Yeshivah, located just outside of Antwerp and headed by Rabbi Feivel Shapiro.
During World War II his mother and siblings stayed in France. His mother was murdered there. After the war, Rabbi Lieberman was placed in Rabbi Shneur Zalman Schneersohn’s orphanage.
In 1946, Rabbi Lieberman immigrated to the United States. He studied for some time in the yeshivah of Lakewood, and later in Yeshivah Tomchei Tmimim at 770, where he was ordained with semichah in 5709/1949. The Rebbe Rav Yosef Yitzchak then sent him to Chicago to serve as Rav of Congregation Bnei Reuven. A year later Rabbi Lieberman married his Rebbetzin, a daughter of the Chitrik family. He served as Rav of Congregation or Chadash in Chicago from 5715/1955 until 5725/1965, when he moved to Detroit, where for twelve years he was Rav of Congregation Bnei Yehudah and principal of its school.
In 1980 Rabbi Lieberman moved back to Antwerp to become its Chief Rabbi, succeeding Rabbi Hillel Madliach, zt”l, who had been Rav and Av Beis Din of Congregation Shomrei Hadas, a community of about 1,000 families. Despite his advanced age, Rabbi Lieberman continues to deliver sermons regularly and to serve as his community’s leader. He is actively involved in disputes brought before his beis din and in matters of kashrus.
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