18 Sivan 5779 , 21/06/2019

Rabbi Yirmiyahu Menachem Cohen

Av Beis Din

Paris, France

Rabbi Yirmiyahu Menachem Cohen Rabbi Yirmiyahu Menachem Cohen was born in Yerushalayim in 1943. He received his primary education in the “Shiloh” and “Eitz Chaim” talmudei Torah, and then studied in the Belzer Yeshivah in Katamon for four years (while the Alter Rebbe, Rav Aharon, zy”a, was still alive). He continued his Torah education in the yeshivos gedolos of Slabodka and Chevron. At the same time, he was involved in kiruv activities through the Yad L’Achim organization, and among his accomplishments was the founding of the Chinuch Atzmai schools in Netivot and Dimona.
After his marriage to a member of the Nachman family, prominent Belzer chassidim of Haifa, Rabbi Cohen accepted the position of Rosh Yeshivah in Yad Binyamin, after which he became a shaliach in Sao Paulo, Brazil, serving as Rosh Yeshivah there. He then became the Rav of Agudas Yisrael in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he established an impressive mehadrin kashrus and shechitah organization that still functions today. After spending 11 years in South America, where most of his children were born, he moved to Antwerp, Belgium, where he was a Dayan for 25 years. Then he served as Av Beis Din of Paris for almost a decade. His duties included overseeing Jewish divorce procedures in twelve European cities, and in those cities he also established a broad kashrus network.
In addition to his extensive activities throughout the world, Rabbi Cohen has published five volumes of responsa, Veheirim Hakohen, which include she’eilos uteshuvos from all sections of the Shulchan Aruch. He has also published a sefer containing his original thoughts on the weekly parshiyos.
Today Rabbi Cohen is the Av Beis Din of “Paris” in Yerushalayim, and he serves Eretz Yisrael’s thousands of French olim, who keep in close contact with him. He helps them solve problems regarding marital issues and financial disputes, among other matters. He also heads the EK kashrus organization, maintaining strict standards for the hechsherim of a wide variety of products.
Rabbi Cohen is one of five members of the RCE’s presidium, who guide the organization’s path. He also heads the RCE’s kashrus and gittin divisions.
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